“Flad Development s legacy is not about how many buildings we’ve built, but how these buildings have positively enhanced our environment and improved everyone’s quality of life.”


Flad's dedication to creating vibrant projects that enhance and benefit the community in which they are immersed continues with its retail renaissance in the Village of Shorewood Hills. Pick 'n Save Food Store, The University Credit Union, and Walgreens anchor this urban revival of the corner of University Avenue and Midvale Boulevard, yet another example of Flad's successful "place-making." The architectural integration and connectedness of this new urbanist development ensures an environment that is both animated and successful. Flad's Old Sauk Row development has truly captured the artistry of mixed use design. A composition of casual restaurants, convenience/specialty retailers and luxury apartments, Old Sauk Row provides Madison's far west side with enhanced streets-capes and exciting integration of upscale merchants and urban dwellings. Quality is that very conscious component that is the trademark of every Flad Development project.